Citadel Sentinel MROU

Citadel Sentinel MROU

S-RWS LRF Dual-340 HD Camera

  • Full HD colour camera w/ zoom
  • Uncooled IR camera w/zoom
  • Excellent boresight retention
  • Integration into vehicle LSAS system
  • High precision positioning
  • Designed for track vehicle mounting
  • Ruggedized design
  • Designed for temperatures ranging
    from -40°C to +60°C.

The Sentinel is an advanced EO-IR camera mounted in a pan & tilt station. It is designed with the possibility to be integrated into our existing Citadel LSAS system in order to create true 360° awareness with zoom-in capabilities for remote targets. The system is designed to work with stationary mounted cameras systems used on MBTs and APCs, and together does this provide the vehicle crew with excellent awareness of threats both immediately outside the vehicle as well as at farther distance.

Build in ALaRs

ALaRS is the abbreviation of Automatic Light and Resolution system, which optimizes the light regulation and resolution, resulting in an improved image quality.