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September 9, 2016

Copenhagen Sensor Technology teams up with Leonardo-Finmeccanica to deliver a GVA mission system for the Danish Army’s vehicle fleet

Leonardo MW Ltd, formerly known as Selex ES Ltd, has signed a contract with the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) to provide Vehicle Mission Systems for the Danish Army’s land vehicles.

Copenhagen Sensor Technology (hereafter CST) will deliver Citadel Panoramic and Citadel Compactcameras for Leonardo’s Driver Night Vision System (DNVS4).
The cameras will be fitted on several platforms, where Piranha V APC is among the selected vehicles.

The first production order is expected immediately, while the whole framework contract will run for several years with a potential to deliver cameras for over 500 of the Danish Army’s land vehicles.

“It is with great pleasure for CST to announce this partnership with Leonardo where we together deliver a complete situational awareness system for the Danish Army.” Says Carsten Høiberg, CEO at CST.

CST will be first line support to DALO, with regards to service and maintenance issues. This is due to CST’s know-how within electro-optics and residence in Denmark.

For further information please contact:

Carsten Høiberg
Tel: +45 51 21 83 36

CST is a leader in ruggedized electro-optical solutions with a deep know-how in the whole process from design, development, manufacturing and maintenance of electro-optical solutions.

June 7, 2016

New | Heat Haze Reduction feature in CST cameras

The phenomenon heat haze (also known as heat shimmer) is a common problem when you want to have a clear sight over areas where heat ascend from the ground surface creating heat haze, which blurs the image.

To minimize heat haze disturbance in the image, CST has implemented Heat Haze Reduction as an on/off function in CST cameras, which gives a more stable image to easier identify an object.

Click here to see a video showing a comparison of recordings with and without the Heat Haze Reduction feature.

April 29, 2016

New | ALaRs function in CST cameras

New | ALaRs function in CST cameras

ALaRS is the abbreviation of Automatic Light and Resolution system, which optimises the light regulation and resolution, resulting in an improved image quality. CST has implemented ALaRs in all Citadel, Spectrel and Open Frame cameras with a 336 module, to provide our customers with the best possible image quality.

Above images are grabbed from tests without and with ALaRs in broad daylight.

Development of sensors is moving in two directions. One being a higher resolution with smaller pixels and the other is in the direction of more sensitive sensors. Together the two directions demands significantly improved automatic regulation circuits, in order to generate a sharp image from broad daylight down to low light conditions such as starlight, without reducing the details and colour reproduction.

CST has therefore invented the automatic regulation system ALaRs, to cope with the increasing high resolution and sensitive sensors to provide an optimised image quality.

So what is improved compared to normal image regulation?

  • Everything is fully automatic
  • Improved sensitivity
  • A larger dynamic area
  • No image disruption or flashing when exposed of shock and vibration
  • Fast exposure: Leading to a sharper image when there are moving objects
  • Higher resolution during daylight conditions
  • No hunting of the iris regulation when exposed for intense sunlight

Contact CST to learn more.

December 3, 2015

New | Open Frame DUAL/336 solution

The Open Frame DUAL/336 consist of two camera modules in one frame unit. Each camera module consist of a 560 TVL 1/3” camera for true day/night operation.

The Open Frame DUAL/336 is designed to operate in harsh environments, such as temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C and is therefore suitable for installation in e.g. areas with very warm climate without the expense of installing a cooling system.

October 2, 2015

Carsten Høiberg is after 9 years in CST appointed as the new CEO

Copenhagen Sensor technology's Board of Directors has appointed Carsten Høiberg as new CEO.
Carsten Høiberg has in recent years taken care of the planning and operation of the production, as well as managing the company's information technology and now takes over the supreme responsibility for the company.
Carsten is educated system administrator at Copenhagen Technical School.

CST's strategy remains unchanged and with the impressive results, as Copenhagen Sensor Technology's dedicated employees have created in recent years, there is no doubt that we are moving in the right direction.
That is why we need to continue along the same track as before. This means, among other things, that we must continue to lead the way with new initiatives that promote technological development.

Former CEO Søren Høiberg will continue to be affiliated with the company, as main shareholder, Board member and as CTO, and responsible for research, development and new product plans.

Carsten Høiberg is son of Søren Høiberg and will cooperate closely with CST's Board of Directors.

August 6, 2015

Meet CST at DSEI, stand S7-265

CST will be presenting ruggedized electro-optical solutions for long-range surveillance, situational awareness and for gun sighting systems on remote weapon stations. The camera solutions are available both as Open Frame for easy integration or in an IP65 sealed housing ready for outdoor installation.

You are always welcome to come and visit us in the Danish Pavilion at stand S7-265, or you can book a meeting prior to the exhibition by contacting us.

Click here to contact CST

June 25, 2015

Open Frame Cameras – For Easy Integration

CST is pleased to introduce our Open Frame Camera solutions with integrated sensor, optics and camera controller, for our customers to easily integrate in their own EO-system. The Open Frame Cameras are working within the visible band, for operation during day and down to half moonlight conditions.

No compromise - our solutions are still ruggedized

All Open Frame cameras are designed to endure a high level of vibration and shock and are operational in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

Click here to view the Open Frame Camera solutions.

May 21, 2015

Visit by the mayor

The mayor of Herlev, Thomas Gyldal Petersen, the second on the right in the picture, visited CST to increase the dialogue and collaborate more closely with CST among others.

It was a pleasant and fruitful visit where the mayor saw the production and got a closer look into how CST operates.

In the picture from the left is Coordinator in development and business; Toke Sundgaard, Director of CST; Søren Høiberg, Mayor; Thomas Petersen and City manager; Helle Søeberg.

April 29, 2015

New LunaVision 12094/342 with HD resolution

LV-12094/342 is the perfect choice if you need detailed imaging with its full HD resolution.The camera is ready to be installed for indoor surveillance or it can be used as an OEM unit for integration in larger surveillance systems. Typical installations are intelligence service, perimeter protection of buildings and critical infrastructure protection.
LV-12094/342 is operational down to half moonlight conditions, with its day/night function that enables you to get detailed colour images during day and monochrome images at night. LV-12094/342 has a fog penetration function which enables you to record under various weather conditions and is easy to integrate since you can choose whether you want an analogue output or HD-SDI to match your surveillance system.
LV-12094/342 features
  • Full HD resolution
  • HD-SDI and analogue output
  • Zoom lens 4.7 to 94mm (20x)
  • High sensitivity
  • Fog penetration
  • Digital Noise Reduction
  • Day/night mode with moveable IR-cut filter
February 17, 2015

Easier integration of situational awareness system with CAN-BUS interface

Now all of the Citadel cameras for situational awareness has CAN-BUS interface as an option. This provides easier integration with the cameras since they have the same communication platform.With the CAN-BUS interface you can address each camera with an ID number in the software setup. This provides the controller of the system with an easy way to switch between the different cameras that are connected in the system. Features of Citadel Compact (picture above)
    • Up to 95° horizontal Field of View(FOV)
    • Wide temperature range, -40°C to +70°C
    • Day and extended night mode to operate under moonlight conditions
    • Fog penetration
    • Digital Noise Reduction, DNR
    • Integrated adjustable mounting bracket
  • 24V operating voltage (15 – 36V range)
  • De-icing window
Click to download the datasheet The two cameras in Citadel Panoramic mounted in the rear and in the front end of the illustration to the left, overlap a little making it a 170° field of view (FOV).

Click here to see the Citadel products for situational awareness

The illustration above shows how you can get an unobstructured all-round FOV with 4 cameras by combining the Citadel Compact (top picture) with Citadel Panoramic (picture to the right). Citadel Panoramic provides a 170° horizontal field of view making it ideal for mounting on vehicles as Drivers vision enhancer and a low-cost solution for a total 360° FOV to secure the area around the vehicle before the crew gets out.