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November 27, 2014

New Spectrel DUAL 121000/336

The new Spectrel DUAL 121000/336 comprises two CCD cameras in one sealed house. One long-range zoom camera to zoom in on the wanted object and identify, while maintaining the overview with the second camera that has a wide field of view. The cameras are bore-sighted to secure you look at the same targeted object with both cameras. The design  is hermetically sealed to meet coastal and Naval standards and has an automatic fog penetration function.
November 14, 2014

CST expands capabilities by teaming up with DTU Fotonik

CST expands its capabilities by engaging in a partnership with The Danish Technical University (DTU) running over 10 months to optimize the CST laser illuminator for more coherent performance and extended operating time. From the beginning of May 2014 CST engaged in a mutual beneficial program with DTU Fotonik to transfer technology and to optimize the newest technology in CSTs portfolio; an infrared laser illuminator for better performance. DTU Fotonik is specialized in light sources and industrial sensors and is spending 400 hours in collaboration with CST to optimize CST’s laser illuminator. The laser illuminator is integrated into the CST Pan & Tilt unit, PTZI-1000, together with a long-range camera specially designed for border and coastal day and night surveillance. Together with the high sensitivity camera an area can be protected 24/7 by continuous surveillance even under harsh environmental conditions like severe shaking or vibration and under temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C. The new version of the laser illuminator provides a more powerful and coherent laser beam to light up the targeted area. To increase the laser power and coherence a new powerful laser driver has been implemented and the cross section of the beam has been reduced by 50%. Furthermore the new version of the laser illuminator is upgraded to have a SMART control and thermo stating function to extend and protect the lasers lifetime. Contact CST to get more information on the technical specifications of the infrared laser illuminator and the PTZI-1000 solution. Published 14th of November 2014
August 20, 2014

NEW FI-technology

CST introduces the new FI-technology (folding integration) in the Lunavision 438 FI-CMOS camera. The FI-technology compresses the dark current to improve the sensitivity of the camera, enabling it to operate down to starlight conditions. This new technology equals EMCCD / ICCD cameras' sensitivity while the LV-438 offers Megapixel high resolution colour images with HD-SDI or analogue out-put. Features of the LV-438 FI-CMOS
  • 1280 X 1024 pixels resolution
  • HD-SDI digital interface
  • Extremely high sensitivity, low noise in the picture
  • Day/Night operation
  • Fog penetration
  • Digital noise reduction
  • Continuous digital zoom, 4x
Click here to see the LV-438 FI-CMOS product page
August 12, 2014

CST as strategic partner for Thales Netherland

CST announces new strategic partnership with Thales NL for development of new EO-sensor suite for Goalkeeper. Thales Nederland B.V. (Thales NL) and Copenhagen Sensor Technology A/S (CST) have entered into a strategic partnership for the development of a new Sensor Suite for Thales Nederland’s upgrade of its Goalkeeper close-in weapon systems (CIWS). This consists of a combination of several optical sensors with a common digital interface, built into a ruggedized, sealed housing. The Goalkeeper system is capable of providing high detection capability against sea skimming missiles in all weather conditions using I-band search radar; while pinpoint target tracking is achieved using dual frequency I/K-band track radar. CST has extensive expertise and a proven track record within visible band camera systems as well as the integration of sensors to a complete suite or package. Key focus is image processing resources along with speed of information flow through fiber optical transmission.  “Thales is proud to select CST as a strategic partner for at least three years. With CST we combine  the best of both worlds.” says Martin Bos, Purchasing Manager Software and Optronics, Thales NL. Goalkeeper is operational in the navies of Belgium, Chile, the Netherlands, Portugal, Qatar, South Korea, the UAE and the UK. Work under the modernization contract will be performed at the naval base in Den Helder, the Netherlands, with first system delivery scheduled to be completed in 2015. The modification contract enables Goalkeeper to extend its service until 2025.

Press Contact for more details:

Copenhagen Sensor Technology A/S Jørgen Andersen Sales Director +45 4042 9527 Thales Nederland Spokesperson Frank van de Wiel +31 6 3911 3344
April 23, 2014

Focus on applications

New ways with ruggedized CST electro-optical cameras CST has a successful history as the market leader in the area of electro-optical CCTV cameras for demanding ruggedized solutions targeted for local situa.onal awareness applications and remote weapon stations in particular. CST will continue to focus on providing the critical components which make system providers’ projects and solutions a success for their customers. CST now offers electro-optical cameras for a broader range of applications through co-operations with system suppliers targeting Border Protection, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Perimeter Protection and Offshore applications such as Wind Turbine Surveillance. With the emergence of this broader market, based on the advanced CST electro-optical cameras, CST can make your solutions an even greater success with your customers by providing proven solutions which meet the demand for ruggedized solutions. The threat of hostile intrusion is present for many nations and critical to monitor. This is for instance the case for governments seeking to follow activities along their national borders. The same need for high security and safety goes for protection of critical national infrastructure such as oil, power, dams, bridges and water supplies.
March 25, 2014

Maritime applications Ruggedized Electro-Optical Cameras for Naval and Maritime Applications

Ruggedized Electro-Optical Cameras for Naval and Maritime Applications For harbour perimeter protection, coastal surveillance and border protection CST offers an integrated Pan & Tilt solution with long-range camera and laser illuminator. With the invisible laser beam the camera will provide detail-rich video and images even during night time. This is very important for applications where identification is required. Coastal surveillance based on CST electro-optical solutions normally consists of a number of units to cover the area of interest. They are often located in remote areas near coastal lines which require ruggedized equipment with low maintenance costs. The Pan & Tilt provides full surveillance coverage along the coast line when placed in strategic positions and with optimal distances between them.

Click to download the Naval and Maritime application brochure

June 25, 2013

Spectrel News 2013

Long-Range cameras for demanding environments [Long-range Spectrel solution for border protection] CST’s camera series of Long-Range ruggedized cameras named Spectrel are designed for demanding mid- and long-range surveillance applications, such as day and night coastal surveillance, camp perimeter protection, asset protection and safe-guarding sensitive infrastructure installations. The camera system is an integrated unit comprising a ruggedized high-performance zoom lens, high-sensitivity CCD camera and control hardware for operating in the visible spectra. A special Extended Night Mode allows imaging under low-light conditions. Spectrel will stay on target when zooming in on an object of interest – commonly referred to as bore-sight retention, where Spectrel has a bore-sight retention within 0,2 mrad (= 20 cm precision at 1 km distance). The Spectrel cameras also enable you to recognize a human at 8 km, with more features such as fog/haze penetration, “Autofocus-on-Demand” and graphical overlay. Additionally the cameras also endure temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C, and have a protective sealed housing to stand high moisture and extremely high shock and vibration to secure high reliability.
January 2, 2013

SWIR News 2013

New ruggedized SWIR Zoom Camera from CST SWIR –”Shortwave Infrared” technology is used to increase visibility by enabling you to see through fog, haze and smoke and can be used in conjunction with an illuminator laser (1,5 µm) that is invisible to the human eye.  CST’s SWIR Zoom Camera is easy to integrate and is designed especially for demanding environments, making it a perfect choice for military, surveillance and security applications.