Citadel AIB

Citadel AIB

Auxiliary Interface Box

  • 4 individual output channels
  • CAN-BUS control
  • Programmable CAN-BUS commands
  • Ruggedized for rough environments


Description of usage

Citadel AIB, (Auxiliary Interface Box), is an CAN-BUS controllable interface unit, designed to be implemented as optional device together with the Citadel Connex video matrix, in a Drivers vision enhancement system or a complete video situational awareness system on a vehicle.


The Citadel AIB is used in scenarios where there is a need to control external devices with an on/off signal. The Citadel AIB can be programmed for any application and be integrated into any existing system that utilizes the CAN-BUS standard.


The Citadel AIB is primarily used for controlling devices such as IR-illuminators, Washer tanks/pumps, searchlights, hydraulics and other devices with simple on/off control.



Basic principle of Citadel Connex

Distribution of video and power

Additional specifications:

  • Power supply to cameras
  • Designed to meet MIL-STD 461E – 810F – 1275D
  • MIL 38999 connectors. 

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