Citadel Connex

Citadel Connex

Analog Video Matrix

  • Up to 16 single cameras (16 video input)
  • Up to 4 monitors (4 video output)
  • Split screen function on 4 monitors: Single-Quad
  • PAL / NTSC video input
  • CAN-BUS control
  • Simultaneously independent selection of inputs


The Citadel Connex is designed to be the central key element in a Drivers vision enhancement system or a complete local situational awareness system (LSAS) on a vehicle. The purpose of Citadel Connex is to distribute video signals and power to all cameras and monitors in the vehicle. Furthermore, it can apply graphics e.g. boundaries of the vehicle, do split screen, quad video display, mirror the image from rear viewing cameras and more. The split and graphic features can be controlled and utilized individually on all monitors connected to the Connex matrix. Video input from other sensors like RWS, UAV or mast mounted sensor systems etc. is also possible.



Additional specifications:

  • Graphics overlays
  • Power supply to cameras
  • Designed to meet MIL-STD -461E, -810F, -1275D
  • Automatic camera configuration
  • Auxiliary inputs/outputs (optional AIB)