Citadel Quattuor

Citadel Quattuor

  • 57° Center Field of View and 57° or 90° side Field of View
  • Image merging (Visible & Infrared)
  • 24V operating voltage (15 – 36V)
  • Washer function
  • Graphical insertion
  • IP 67


Providing increased safety for the entire vehicle crew of armoured vehicles is of prime importance in the battlefield. In the Citadel Quattuor Cam you get both a thermal and 3x visual cameras build into one unit where the centre thermal and visual cameras are merged providing an optimized sight for drivers inside an armoured vehicle. The two outer wide angle cameras gives a larger FoV for the driver/operator.

It is designed to deliver high-performance images, even under the harshest conditions, in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

It is also extremely rugged, guaranteed to withstand the “military-boot-and-shovel-beating” test.

Graphical insertion allows configuration of several graphic overlays e.g. in the form of distance markers and text strings.

Fog penetration in the daylight cameras. The fog penetration function is designed to automatically increase visibility under conditions such as fog, haze and fire smoke. The camera continuously analyses the picture and once it detects a lowcontrast condition, it will automatically enhance the contrast.

White/Black hotspot change on thermal camera.

Merging function. The Citadel Quattuor Cam offer the driver/operator to adjust the blending between the centre Daylight and Thermal camera to ensure the maximum information for driving as well as situational awareness.