Open Frame Dual/340 full HD

Open Frame Dual/340 full HD

3,2 MP CMOS-GS day/night camera system


  • 3,2 Mega Pixel for each camera
  • Night vision mode
  • Continuous total 8x digital zoom
  • Two bore sighted cameras in one frame unit
  • HD-SDI and Composite output
  • Digital image stabilisation
  • Designed for tracked vehicle vibration profile


The Open Frame DUAL/340 consist of two camera modules in one frame unit. Both camera modules consist of a 1/2” electronic day/night CMOS camera system with integrated FOV-configurable lens, designed to deliver high performance images. The cameras are electronic day/night cameras, meaning they can automatically switch between colour and monochrome operation depending on the light level.


Gain higher resolution by using both cameras’ digital zoom The resolution decreases the more you use of digital zoom. It is therefore an advantage to use only 4x digital zoom. The cameras have different FOV’s, enabling the user to “continue” zooming in on an object, with a higher resolution, by switching between the two cameras. For example, camera A can be set to 50° HFOV where you zoom with 4x digital zoom, then the HFOV will be app. 12,5°. Camera B is set to 12,5° HFOV. When using 4x digital zoom on camera B you end at app. 3° HFOV. See illustration below: