SPECTREL short- to long-range camera systems are designed for use in homeland security and critical infrastructure protection (CIP) applications

Applications include camp protection, forward observation posts, mobile observation, border and coastal surveillance as well as protection of critical infrastructure such as seaports, airports and power plants.

The SPECTREL system comprises a highly sensitive colour CCD camera and a ruggedized zoom lens built into a protective, hermetically sealed housing, designed to withstand harsh conditions.

The system provides crisp and noise free images from daybreak to nightfall and will automatically adjust to the varying light conditions, providing optimal viewing conditions at all times during the day. The camera and lens are bore-sighted so the object of interest stays in the picture even when the operator zooms in or out, making it easier to track an object. The system peforms fully over the entire temperature range from -40°C to +70°C.

The graphics below shows a comparison of the SPECTREL zoom camera systems’ recognition range of a human. For more detailed information see under each product.

CST is also your deign house

Save critical time and cost by utilizing CST as your partner for developing and designing new electro-optical systems, instead of doing it in-house.
You gain the advantage of having a fast-track design process of only 1/2-2 years and you can still own the product design afterwards.