Spectrel Alignment Camera

Spectrel Alignment Camera 12120/340 HD

  • High sensitivity colour camera
  • High shock and vibration tolerance
  • HD lens construction
  • Factory pre-aligned bore sighting
  • Configuration by serial interface
  • Excellent boresight stability
  • Anti-blast protection of camera window

The Spectrel Alignment Camera 12120/340 HD is an integrated unit, based on a highly sensitive colour camera, ideal for day/night alignment and observation applications.
It is designed to deliver high-performance images, even under the harshest conditions like severe shock and vibration and in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

Optical system

The optical system is developed specifically for use in vehicle mounted systems. It features a fixed lens with a customer specified field of view(FOV). The system can be supplied with a FOV ranging from 2.3° to 5.0°. For light regulation there is a auto-iris function and sensor protection integrated.
All lens elements are surface coated for high spectral response throughout the visible spectrum.

Anti-blast protection system

To protect front section of the camera from blast particles the camera system has build in anti-blast protection in the front section to prevent degradation of optical performance of the front window.

Fog penetration

The fog penetration function is designed to automatically increase visibility under conditions such as fog, haze and firesmoke. The camera continuously analyses the picture and once it detects a low-contrast condition, it will automatically enhance the contrast.