Spectrel Dual-Cam HD

Spectrel Dual-Cam HD SP12220-1250-340

  • Dual HD camera with 30X Zoom and fixed FOV
  • Excellent bore sight
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Factory pre-aligned bore sighting
  • Built-in graphics generator for reticles
  • Operating temp. range -40°C to +70°C
  • Setup and control via Serial Comm.


The Spectrel Dual consists of two cameras in one; (i) an integrated fixed wide field of view camera for easy orientation as well as an (ii) integrated zoom camera for precise targeting. The camera system incorporates two highly sensitive low noise Visible Band HD quality CMOS camera cores, optimized for Remotely Controlled Weapon Station (RWS) applications. The camera system is housed in a durable aluminium case, providing full environmental protection and stable boresight in any environment.


Optical System

The optical system was developed specifically for use in Remote Weapon Station applications. It features continuous zoom at one of the cameras, with powerful zoom ratio from 7 to 220 mm, auto-iris and focus adjustment from 30 meter to infinity. The “Auto-Focus on Demand” lets the zoom camera control the focus by the push of a button. The fixed fixed field of view camera can be factory set to a any FOV from 6° and 50°.


Expanded Hi-Dynamic Range (XDR)

XDR is useful in conditions where there are large variations in brightness in the picture, i.e. when there are very dark and very bright areas in the picture. XDR amplifies the signal level in dark areas and reduces it in very bright areas thereby improving the visibility in the picture.

Split Image Display (SID)

SID feature enables displaying of both cameras on a single display with Wide Field Of View image in the bottom of the display and the zoom image at the top of the display. This enables easy and fast orientation while looking at objects in Narrow Field of view. Below is an example of the SID feature.