Spectrel 121000/340 HD SDI

Spectrel 121000/340W HD SDI

  • Full HD-SDI Camera system
  • Optical Zoom 30 to 1000 mm (33x)
  • HD-SDI digital video output
  • Continuous 6x digital zoom
  • Digital image stabilization
  • Configuration by serial interface
  • Active temperature compensation
  • Extended Night mode

The Spectrel 121000/340 is an integrated unit, based on a highly sensitive HD megapixel colour C-MOS camera and a powerful zoom lens, ideal for day and night coastal/border surveillance, camp perimeter protection or protecting critical infrastructure and similar applications.

It is designed to deliver high-performance images, even under the harshest conditions, in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

Boresight precision

Excellent boresight for high performance and precision to the target. Optical boresight retention is ±0.2 milliradians, the equivalent to staying within a target area of 0.2 m, at a distance of 1 km in NFOV.

Digital zoom

Digital zoom is provided as a continuous digital zoom with 6x range, selectable from the serial interface. The system can be configured to automatically switch from optical zoom to digital zoom.

Active temperature compensation

The temperature compensated lens ensures that the lens parts and mechanical design of the lens will maintain its position when exposed to temperature changes between -30°C to +70°C. With the active temperature compensated lens, you therefore avoid getting a blurred image, which temperature changes would normally cause.