Local situational awareness system -
Thermal night vision camera
higher degree of safety for the soldiers

Whenever the soldiers leave the vehicle CST’s thermal night vision cameras with surrounding panoramic view ensure full situational awareness as well as driver vision enhancement.

CST delivers perfectly standardized solutions where no further development is required.

A local Situational awareness system is a must on any modern armoured vehicle

The CST local situational awareness systems with rugged cameras and thermal night vision cameras ​are available in 3 different variants:
  • Citadel LSAS - Ideal for refresh programs ​of older armored vehicles
  • Cortex Resolve - For large armoured ​vehicles with advanced ​capabilities
  • Cortex DVE - For smaller vehicles ​and trucks

Situational awareness is being aware of one's surroundings and identifying potential threats and dangerous situations. For any type of situational awareness solution, cameras play an important role to attain real time video. It offers a previously unattainable level of situational awareness to armored vechicle platforms.

    Citadel Local Situational Awareness System (LSAS)

    The Citadel LSAS is a complete vehicle system consisting of both Situational Awareness cameras and Driver Vision Enhancement cameras. The thermal night vision system is solidly field proven and has been on various armored tracked and wheeled vehicles.

    The Citadel LSAS is ideal for vehicle midlife upgrades and retrofit programs as the system is analog based and can be integrated into existing analog infrastructure on the vehicle. The system can deliver day and night vision with the most optimal combination of visual sensors and thermal night vision camera sensors. All Citadel series have the robust rugged cameras being capable of performing under the most challenging and extreme conditions in any environments.​

    Cortex Resolve Local Situational Awareness System

    CST Resolve LSAS is based on cutting-edge technology providing a significant advantage compared to other manufacturers on the market. CST Resolve LSAS system enables the integrator to fully customize the solution for any given application, delivering a customer-tailored solution to fit the requirement of the end user. ​

    The solution is fully NGVA compliant and is therefore easy to integrate into any battle management system. Custom image overlays, graphics and other integrations to vehicle systems are part of the initial customization for the specific application. ​Infrastructure in CST Resolve is achieved with extreme low latency interfaces and protocols. Power, video and communication are all handled by the Cortex Interceptor.​

    The full Resolve LSAS system consists of CST Cortex Interceptor as the main component for video processing and distribution throughout the vehicle.​ Together with the Cortex Interceptor a broad series of Citadel cameras is offered to be able to deliver a customized solution. ​

    A series of proprietary image enhancement features are built-in and accessible by default on all cameras. These have possibilities for increased visibility and image clarity during challenging conditions such as fog, extreme heat, rain, night, etc.​

    The complete Resolve LSAS and all CST products have been verified according to MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 and have a functioning temperature range from –40 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius ensuring usability in any environment.​

    When initially configured the Resolve LSAS automatically configures attached cameras to their given location, making fast camera replacement possible. Thus, also limiting the need for spare parts as cameras are interchangeable. 

    Night vision cameras and rugged cameras from CST.

    Cortex DVE

    Driver vision enhancement during degraded visual conditions

    When the driver and the troops are well protected in a closed and sealed armored vehicle during operations, a vision of the near surroundings is limited. When you add darkness, smoke, sand, dust or fog to the situation, the visual conditions play a huge role in safety and security for the troops. CST Cortex DVE ensures a combative fighting unit under any conditions.

    Cortex DVE is designed to be the ideal HD thermal night vision camera solution for simple vehicle systems delivering high-end technology and possibilities found on large expensive systems. Designed for smaller vehicles and trucks with a maximum of four sensors on mounted together with a single monitor for the driver. With different video layouts as well as sensor fusion it is possible to achieve the most optimal image for the driver in any condition. The complete system is designed to be compliant to various military standards to ensure long life-time and low service cost.

    The core of the system is the Cortex Enhance, a simple, cost-effective, yet highly capable digital video processing unit that incorporates the latest technologies to enhance the driver vision.​ All CST rugged camera vehicle systems and products are tested for the most extreme environments and can withstand the shock and vibration on a metal tracked and wheeled vehicle, and in temperatures ranging from -40°C to + 70°C.​


    Custom & OEM solutions

    CST is a company with a long tradition of working closely with its customers, identifying unmet needs and creating solutions with sustainable value for the users.

    With a strong R&D base at the headquarters in Denmark, CST can provide mechanical, optical, software and hardware customizations while meeting the toughest requirements for military, homeland security, and high-end surveillance applications. Whether it is just a ruggedized high-precision zoom lens, a camera, or a complete system comprising lens, camera and advanced video processing, CST can offer a fast-track design process.

    In addition to the customized products, CST offer a range of standard products designed specifically for integration directly into 3rd party equipment. This is in many cases a cost-effective alternative to customized products.

    Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

    Together we can create a solution that provides the best price/performance ratio.

    Morten Christian Lamber – Global Sales & Marketing Director

    For the last 30 years Morten has worked with international executive sales and management within the defence and telecommunications industry. Since 2019 he has worked at Copenhagen Sensor Technolgy as Global Sales & Marketing Director.

    Mortens field of expertise is international sales, business and market development. In addition he has solid experience with project management, production and system engineering.

    He has a degree in Electronical Engineering from Copenhagen University and been in the Royal Danish Armed Forces.

    Please contact Morten:

    Email: mcl@copst.com

    Phone: +45 44 92 18 55

    Copenhagen Sensor Technology A/S (CST) has been awarded a contract with General Dynamics European Land Systems – Mowag (GDELS-Mowag) to provide Local Situational Awareness System (LSAS) for the Irish Defence Forces Piranha III APC upgrade
    CST was selected as the preferred supplier by GDELS-Mowag for the LSAS which will provide local situational awareness for each vehicle consisting of both day & night capacity, IR lamps, multi-functional digital displays, matrix and cable set.