Local situational awareness system



A local situational awareness system is a must on any modern armoured vehicle. Creating a 360-degree LSAS solution for army vehicles operating in combat is crucial. It represents an immense safety improvement for the crew members in armored vehicles operating with closed hatches.

The CST local situational awareness systems with rugged cameras and thermal night vision cameras are available in different variants:

  • Citadel LSAS - Ideal for refresh programs of older armored vehicles
  • Cortex Resolve - For large armoured vehicles with advanced capabilities

  • Local situational awareness is being aware of one's surroundings and identifying potential threats and dangerous situations. For any type of situational awareness solution, cameras play an important role to attain real time video. It offers a previously unattainable level of situational awareness to armored vehicle platforms. ​

    CST delivers perfectly standardized solutions where no further development is required. Our Local Situational Awareness System camera system is flexible and can easily be integrated with any battle management system. And it provides real-time video feeds for tactical cloud networks.


    One Citadel Quattuor II HD 90°-57°-90°
    One Citadel Quattuor II HD 90°-90°-90°

    One Citadel Quattuor II HD 90°-57°-90°
    One Citadel Quattuor II HD 90°-90°-90°
    Two Citadel Dual HD 90°


    The Citadel LSAS is ideal for vehicle midlife upgrades and retrofit programs. The system is analog-based and can be integrated into existing analog infrastructure on the vehicle. The system can deliver day and night vision with the most optimal combination of visual sensors and thermal night vision camera sensors. All Citadel series have the robust rugged cameras capable of performing under the most challenging and extreme conditions in any environment.

    The camera system on the vehicle is designed to give the crew optimal Local Situational Awareness in all situations, during day & night operations.

    The Citadel Quattuor provides 1 thermal and 3 visual cameras built into one unit where the center thermal and visual cameras are merged. This ensures optimal sight for drivers inside an armoured vehicle. The two outer wide-angle cameras provide a larger FoV (Field of View) for the driver/operator. The solution is based on the latest generation of uncooled LWIR thermal camera technology with integrated technologies such as image merging, digital image enhancement and vehicle boundaries markers.

    The single channel visual camera Citadel Compact is based on the same daylight sensor as in the Citadel Quattuor but fitted with a special distortion-free wide-angle lens. The Citadel Compact can be factory configured for a Field of View (FOV) ranging from 47° up to 95°, allowing easy adaption to the various vehicle visualization requirements. The Citadel Compacts are also delivered with support for IR-Illuminators as provided to this system.

    To connect all cameras and monitors together CST uses the Citadel Connex matrix which contains up to 16 composite video signals which can be individually switched.


    Morten Christian Lamber – Global Sales Director

    For the last 30 years Morten has worked with international executive sales and management within the defence and telecommunications industry. Since 2019 he has worked at Copenhagen Sensor Technolgy as Global Sales Director.

    Mortens field of expertise is international sales, business and market development. In addition he has solid experience with project management, production and system engineering.

    He has a degree in Electronical Engineering from Copenhagen University and been in the Royal Danish Armed Forces.

    Please contact Morten:

    Email: mcl@copst.com

    Phone: +45 44 92 18 55

    Copenhagen Sensor Technology A/S (CST) has been awarded a contract with General Dynamics European Land Systems – Mowag (GDELS-Mowag) to provide Local Situational Awareness System (LSAS) for the Irish Defence Forces Piranha III APC upgrade
    CST was selected as the preferred supplier by GDELS-Mowag for the LSAS which will provide local situational awareness for each vehicle consisting of both day & night capacity, IR lamps, multi-functional digital displays, matrix and cable set.